Kieran John Delaney

is a Cinematographer, Photographer and Graphic Artist based in New York, NY.

His work includes ‘A Day’s Work’ (2015), a documentary investigating the temporary staffing industry, and  ‘In What Distant Sky’ (2016) a single-channel video currently on exhibit at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

He is co-owner of Little Boo Boo Bakery and a staffer at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

He is a video contributor to Getty Images and a member of the Motion Picture Projectionists Union.

"Good documentaries entertain as well as inform, and "A Day's Work" is canny about how it accomplishes this." - The Chicago Tribune

A Day's Work (2015), directed by David M. Garcia, tells the story of Lawrence 'Day' Davis, a Florida man killed on his first day of work as a temporary employee. Featured is the work of investigative journalist Michael Grabell of ProPublica.

The film was the recipient of the 2015 Workers Unite Film Festival Audience Award and has been selected by Docuwest, The Manhattan Film Festival, Tallgrass Film Festival, The Northside Festival, The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and others. 


“A true state of wonder agitates, mesmerizes, and is almost forcible and shocking. It is a sudden intake of breath, a gaping mouth, a relinquishing of understanding.” - Denise Markonish

In What Distant Sky (2016) directed by Megan and Murray McMillan, is a single-channel video, a site-specific video installation and a series of photographs. The piece was filmed on-site at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and is currently on exhibition there as a part of "Explode Every Day."